Through specific and multidisciplinary diagnosis, leading to the development of training plans on skills to be acquired, the purpose is to develop partnership projects and sustained growth with customers. This area is especially suited for performance optimization, excellence and well-being of individuals, teams and organizations.


Under direct influence of the expertise retained from high achievement contexts (ex: professional sports) and similar to other international developed models (see toolbox article “Corporate Athlete”), this area of intervention seeks to replicate the success conditions of these contexts, through the design of intervention plans where the focus is the systematic and distributed learning of skills to be acquired, through a time frame that enables the practice and integration of such skills.


Coaching for Performance

Personalized competences development program: specially directed to leadership roles or to foster and retain talent. 




Experimental training programs held in classrooms, outdoors or immersion campus.


  • Leadership and team’s development training.

  • Cultural-interchange

  • Excellence teams.

  • Change management.

  • Crisis Management as a tool to Boost Resilience



Systemic consulting program developed for start-ups or for cultural-interchange processes. Its aim is to foster the individuals´ and teams´ commitment with the organization.

Acting on different levels of the organization, by means of specific directed tools, reinforces the efficiency levels in terms of internal communication, cooperation and overcoming challenges. 


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