Working with Ana was a privilege, the generosity of her soul and her firm convictions were essential to our partnership in the Portuguese team. Ana has moderation, timing and feel when working with people; she represents an innovative psychology that seeks qualities and potential in the human being.

Regina Brandão

Sports Psicologist (Luiz Filipe Scolari)

The role of Performance Psychology in high performance context is already well...

Through specific and multidisciplinary diagnosis, leading to the development of plans on skills to be acquired...

Generally, artists such as actors, dancers and musicians, train their technical and artistic expertise...

Consciousness and regulation: the purpose of this program is to specifically work in the self...


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Rua Fradesso Silveira, Bloco C, Nº6, 1A

Alcântara Rio, Lisboa, Portugal


+351 939019190

How to get here:


Parking - Underground public park

Largo Fontainhas (next to Angola's Consulate).

Transports - Largo das Fontainhas

  • Bus Carris: 15E (goes through Cais do Sodré), 18E, 201, 714, 720, 724, 727, 732, 738, 742, 751, 756, 760 to Largo do Calvário

  • Carris: 24, 56, 60, 203 to CP Alcântara Station

  • Train: Linha de Cascais

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