Consciousness and regulation: the purpose of this program is to specifically work in the self-conscience mechanisms and in the auto-regulation of the individuals, tuning them into the “here and now” of their existence. 

We create partnerships with our clients working in the start-up of their life projects, leveraging in the training and in the development of the necessary competences to change management, growing in a sustainable manner and recognizing the pleasure that comes with change itself and from the capacity of developing the mandatory effort to reach the proposed target.


Coaching for Performance

Individual program with the purpose of clarifying and defining targets to be reached, making both life project and path clearer. Entails a balance over the competences already acquired through past experiences and the identification (and in some cases even the training) of the competences  to be acquired.



Multidisciplinary program of systemic intervention with the aim of achieving the individual´s performance optimization, obtaining a psico-emotional and physiological balance.

Specially directed to the “start-up” of new life phases where a new life style and new habits are to be set anchored in a new life project where actions and choices must be attuned.


Social Responsibility

We have always seek to capacitate charity organizations that depend on our support and with whom we cross our ways.

In a more proactive way, we contribute to a number of associations with which we share the same values either by means of financial support or by rendering our services.


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